TUPA 14 Teething / Ravage Ritual Split LP

by Teething / Ravage Ritual

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released April 14, 2013


tags: punk Barcelona



TuPaTuTuPa Barcelona, Spain

Sello Independiente de Barcelona especializado en Hardcore, Crust, Grindcore, Power Violence, Death Metal etc...

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Track Name: Teething - Teethgrinder
Punch your teeth in
Get fucked, fuck off
Track Name: Teething - Starting Fires
Starting fires since '85

Burn all fucking cops, burn those lazy fucks
Burn the kings daughter, watch him cry in his sleep
Burn 'em, burn 'em, burn 'em, burn 'em
Burn our future, full of lies

I got a bible in one hand and a lighter in the other

Burn this forest to the ground
Burn the president and burn his flag
Burn PMA and burn nike bullshit
Burn a hipster, burn his bike
Burn your money, burn love songs
Burn your cancer, strike this match and set this world ablaze
Track Name: Teething - Donutshop Holocaust
Cause I piss with handcuffs on
And I fuck with handcuffs on
And I sleep with handcuffs on
But I can't dream with handcuffs on

Kill all fucking cops
Kill those fucking pigs

Built to discriminate and violate the weaker ones
It brings a smile to their fucking face
I have seen what the homeless see
Track Name: Teething - Shittier Generation
We are rats sifting through waste
We're rodents in puddles of piss
Unholy, impure, ungrateful and fake
Traitors to all that is true

Negative as fuck and children out of luck
We dug our graves and we're all dopesick
The antihero junkyard dogs

Heretics - we're here to bring the violence

And the tape across our mouth says more than words ever could
We're on our knees and we're sucking cocks
We suck your filthy cocks
Well fuck that, the tables have turned
It's time to bite the hand that fed us shit for so long
Track Name: Teething - How To Kill A Child
Bullied and beaten by her classmates
Sophia made fun of her dead mother

Razor Maria killing Sophia

Scalp peeling her blonde hair
Bloody knuckles knocking on daddy's door
Happy birthday, here's your broken child
This is why all children call her...

Razor Maria killing Sophia
Track Name: Teething - Shot In The Fucking Head
Congrats, you live in a shithole
You burnt your bridge, I don't give a fuck
Diss me, stab me, shock me, fuck me, rape me, I won't care
You complain but nice fucking phone

So your from a bad hood and you live your life poor
I grew up in the suburbs in a nice neighborhood
Talking trash, making jokes, your making me sick
Your rants are a bore and your mouth is full of shit

Judge me once, judge me twice, you ain't had it hard
Tough street fights and ghetto nights ain't impressing me
No one chooses where they're born but now I choose this gun
Charge my ammo, load 'em up and now you're on the floor 'cause you're...

Shot in the fucking head