TUPA 12 The Stench Of Horror (Split Tape)

by Teething / Besta

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This is a ridiculously short split between Teething and Besta: 4 songs in 3 minutes. Limited to 100 copies on cassette through Tupa Tapes and Nooirax Producciones.

A la venta en formato físico en diciembre


released December 15, 2012

Track 1: recorded and mastered at Epsilon Estudios during the Ravage Ritual sessions in 2012.
Track 2: recorded live at Brujas Festival 2012.
Tracks 3-4: recorded & mastered by Besta and Fernando Matias at Bordel/The Pentagon in a few hours in 2012.




TuPaTuTuPa Barcelona, Spain

Sello Independiente de Barcelona especializado en Hardcore, Crust, Grindcore, Power Violence, Death Metal etc...

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Track Name: Teething - Teething - Devilock!
Crank some "Skulls"
Or perhaps some "She"
Grab a buzzer and scissors
Buzz, shave, cut
Piss off
Track Name: Teething - Teething - How To Kill A Child (Live)
Bullied and beaten by her classmates
Sophia made fun of her dead mother

Razor Maria
Killing Sophia

Scalp peeling her blonde hair
Bloody knuckles knocking on daddy's door
Happy birthday, here's your broken child
This is why all children call her...

Razor Maria
Killing Sophia